Freedom Run Farm is the fruition of our family meal. We love to gather together at table,  share the days events, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. It began with a love of good food, developing an appreciation for fresh produce that would truly nourish us; our spirit, our body, and our soul. Its not just a food choice, its a lifestyle.

Preparing and enjoying meals together is a main avenue to reconnect with each other on a daily basis. It started small, a mere suggestion. “Can you imagine a slice of our own tomato on this freshly baked bread?” became the garden. Then came, “can you imagine a fresh egg atop that sandwich, hence the gypsy chicken wagon that travels around the pastures. Our friend gave us a baby tree from her the hundred year old family fig tree. Our daughter said one day while we were harvesting these luscious fruits, “can you imagine fresh figs with our own honey?”,  then came our bee hives. My husband loves to cook over an open fire, one of our favorite recipes is his roasted leg of lamb marinated in copious amounts of herbs, garlic, and pomegranate juice. We all knew we had to get our own flock of sheep.

It is from this wellspring that we have an abundance to share with you and your family in hopes that the good food from our farm will feed and nourish body and soul as it does ours!