Lamb is our passion.  We are committed to supporting our flock in the type of environment in which their bodies were designed to thrive. Our Katahdin sheep are raised on lush pastures where they are in fresh air and sunshine. Recently we have partnered with other shepherds to form a consortium in order to ensure a continuous supply of the highest quality lamb from our fields to your plate. These shepherds share our dedication to the same standards of animal welfare, quality,  and animal sustainability. The Freedom Run Farm lamb consortium continues to provide a premium lamb product through the year.  Its a chain of goodness that begins with healthy soil and finishes with health animals and people; we believe that you can taste the difference. 

We searched for just the right genetics and select for good mothering traits, exceptional parasite resistance, and the keen ability to convert grass into tender meat.  The Freedom Run Farm lamb consortium is shepherds who are members of the national Katahdin breed club and attend regional and national seminars to keep up to date on the lastest advances in sheep management.