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This is not the lamb you’re used to.

Our heritage breed lamb was bred specifically for the quality of the meat.

This means Freedom Run Farm Lamb is more tender and mild than virtually any other lamb available in the market today.

Freedom Run Farm_Appalachian Heritage Breed

Heritage Breed

The Katahdin breed was specifically developed in this country to be a versatile, robust animal with exceptional carcass qualities of tender, mild lamb.

Freedom Run Farm_Pasture Raised

Pasture Raised

By avoiding CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) practices and allowing sheep to be pasture raised, there are many benefits to both the quality of the product and the environment. Pasture grazing lamb produces clean fat (lower levels of lanolin).

Freedom Run Farm_No Hormones or Preventative Antibiotics

No Hormones or Antibiotics

Our shepherds never administer hormones or preventative antibiotics to their sheep.

Freedom Run Farm_Proprietary Feed Blend of High Quality Forage and Grains

unique Finishing Program

Unlike most lamb, Freedom Run Farm Lamb is not grain finished, but instead finished with a proprietary blend of high-quality roughage, minerals, select grain and distiller’s stillage (we are in Kentucky after all) for the optimal health of the ruminant.

Freedom Run Farm_Superior Flavor and Quality

Superior Size & Marbling

Due to our special breed, farming practices and unique finishing program, Freedom Run Farm Lamb is of superior quality with beautiful intramuscular marbling.

Freedom Run Farm_Whole Animal Program.png

Whole Animal Program

We’re constantly honored and amazed to see the skill and creativity of the chefs that work with our product.