Don’t take our word for how delicious Freedom Run Farm lamb is. Here’s some kind words from just a few of the many professional chefs that proudly include Freedom Run Farm Lamb on their menu.

At Proof on Main we use Freedom Run Farm lamb from nose to tail for our menu. Their Katahdin breed has beautiful intermuscular fat marbling and since they do not produce lanolin the flavor is extremely decadent and approachable. Valerie & her family take great pride in raising each herd & it shows in our dining room.
— Chef Mike Wajda, Proof on Main
The lamb we purchase from Freedom Run Farm is exceptional. the high quality of flavor and texture are attributed to their caring farming practices and over all respect for the lamb
— Kathy Cary, Lilly’s Bistro
with over 10 years of working in kitchens I have been honored to use some amazing quality lamb; however, when we received our first whole lamb from Freedom Run Farm I was amazed with the quality. The marbling is amazing and the flavor of the meat and fat is superb.
— Noam Bilizter, Chef du Cuisine, Proof on Main
Freedom Run Farm lamb is the pinnacle lamb that I’ve had, not only in Kentucky but anywhere. With a very mild, sweet flavor it is sure to please the lamb lover as well as a first time lamb eater.
— Zachary Chancey, Executive Chef, Rye on Market
we love the versatility of Freedom Run Farm lamb offers us. Whether its legs for our rotisseries, bellies for our beautiful lamb bacon, shoulders for traditional Kentucky BBQ, or chops and racks for our butcher case, we are able to create a multitude of delicious product from every lamb.
— Duncan Paynter, Head Butcher, Red Hog