Insider Louisville Stops by to Talk Kentucky Lamb Legacy


Insider Louisville stopped by recently to talk about why we started Freedom Run and the long history )and importance of preserving) Kentucky’s lamb heritage. From the piece:

“They have an amazing life,” she says. “They enjoy fresh air and sunshine. When they’re weaned, they go off to another part of the farm that is as stress-free as possible. They’re outside, and they enjoy a very balanced, high-quality grain and forage program that is our own proprietary formula.”

All of these components coming together is how Samutin believes Kentucky lamb will grow back into what it once was. Well, that and the flavor and healthfulness of the meat, whether it’s milk-braised and served with cheddar grits, mustard greens at Rye, served with eggplant and quail egg at Proof, or as a meatball at Harvest.

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